Q. When is The Skelf open?

The Skelf is open every day of the year. However, there is no lighting so daylight hours only (unless you have really good lights). The trails and pump track are rideable in all weathers.

Q. Who is responsible for safety?

You are. The park is unsupervised i.e. there are no staff members there. You use the park at your own risk. While the park has been built to be safe by professional pump track/trail builders and is regularly inspected, the responsibility lies with you to stay safe. Have a walk round the tracks before you ride them, make sure your bike is in good condition, wear a helmet and read the signs – they’re there for a reason.

Q. How does the park work?

The Skelf is a community owned, non profit, open access, self managed resource. The park has been built by a charity with very limited resources so we need you to look after it. Do your best not to damage the park as we may not be able to fix it.

Please also be considerate to the other park users. There will be people there of all ages and abilities so if someone in front of you is slower then be thoughtful- remember that everybody has to start somewhere. Remember that the park is in a residential area so try not to disturb the local residents.

In short, don’t be a dick!

Q. What do the MTB trail grades mean?


Grade: Moderate

Suitable for :Cyclists with some experience of on-or off-road cycling and reasonably fit families, riding mountain bikes, hybrids or robust touring bikes

Trail Hazards:Some steeper descents and berms (banked corners)


Grade: Difficult

Suitable for: Experienced mountain bikers, riding mountain bikes.

Trail Hazards: Slippery rock descents, drop offs, jumps and rock climbs

Q. What’s a pump track?

The Skelf has a large tarmac pump track. A pump track is a continuous loop of “berms” (banked corners)  and “rollers” (smooth mounds) that you ride without pedalling. The name “pump track” comes from the pumping motion used by the rider’s upper and lower body as they ride around the track. The idea of a pump track is to use this pumping motion to maintain speed around the track without pedalling. It’s a great work out and lots of fun!

Pump tracks can be ridden by cyclists of all ages and skill levels. You don’t need a special kind of bicycle to ride on a pump track ‐ BMX bikes, mountain bikes, kids bikes ‐  even scooters, rollerblades or skateboards can be used on the pump track.

Here is a video of a similar Velosolutions pump track in Inverness.

Q. Do I have to pay?

No, it’s totally free. Crack on and enjoy yourselves!

Q. Where can I park my car?

There is very limited parking in the area. You can park in the pay and display spaces on the single yellows from Friday 5.30pm until Monday 8.30am. Please do not park in the Crags car park – we are separate from the sports centre.
However, there are lots of good bike paths in the area – across the Meadows, down from the Innocent Railway or through Holyrood Park. Why don’t you ride your bike there?

Q. Who maintains the park?

The Skelf was created by the Braidwood Bike Group, a charity made up of local people who are keen on cycling. We run regular trail building/maintenance volunteer sessions where we look after the tracks and the woods. If you’d like to join in then sign up to our newsletter, follow us on social media or look for the events on this website.

If you see any maintenance issues, then please use the contact form on the homepage or contact us on Facebook.